Thanks for taking action and standing up for Maine values. You’ll be receiving a phone call to connect with your legislator shortly.

When you are connected with his or her office, explain why it’s simply irresponsible to shut down our state government so extremists can give new tax breaks for the rich.

Instead, ask them to support the bipartisan budget compromise which:

  • Protects Maine seniors by funding the Maine Drugs for the Elderly Program and the Medicare Savings Program
  • Supports Maine veterans by increasing the pension exemption for military retirees to $25,000
  • Keeps everyone’s property taxes down by funding municipal revenue sharing, increasing the Homestead Exemption from $10,000 to $15,000, and adding $50 million in General Purpose Aid to Education to fund our local public schools.

Make sure your legislators know we need a fair budget, not more extremism and tax breaks for the wealthy.