Maine People Deserve Better. Who is the legislature serving?

Passage of LD 1913 hurts the backbone of the Maine economy - Maine's workers. LD 1913, passed this afternoon in the House of Representatives, harming severely injured workers in order to line the pockets of the insurance industry. Read More >>

State Legislature Rolls Back Unemployment Insurance Protections

Last night, the Maine House and Senate passed a bill to penalize laid-off workers in our state. The legislation, LD 1785, delays benefits for newly-unemployed workers until they've used up most of the vacation time they earned by doing their job. Read More >>

Retirees Converge on Augusta to Oppose LD 309

Today, over 100 retirees converged on the Maine State House and urged their legislators to oppose LD 309. Read More >>

Senator voted for bill after pledging his opposition

Sen. Thomas Martin, a Benton Republican who represents District 25, recently broke the trust of his constituents. Read More >>

Maine Senate Strips Collective Bargaining Rights of Egg Factory Farm Workers

Today the Maine Senate voted to strip collective bargaining rights from some of Maine's most vulnerable workers. Over the years, DeCoster has had the worst labor record in the State. It is wrong to take away these workers' rights to form a union. Read More >>

Collective Bargaining Rights on the Line

Banning workers from forming a union? It seems like that's what some members of the Legislature think they were elected to do. Read More >>

Opposing Attacks on Workers’ Compensation

Opposing Attacks on Workers’ Compensation Injured workers and their families speak out at workers comp hearing. Read More >>

Gov. LePage, state legislators urged to show some heart for Maine workers!

Maine workers delivered Valentine’s Day messages to Gov. LePage and state legislators today. Read More >>

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