Banning workers from forming a union? It seems like that’s what some members of the Legislature think they were elected to do.

You might remember that last year we were fighting LD 1207- the bill would repeal the right of factory farm workers at large egg processing facilities, like Decoster’s egg farms, to join a union and collectively bargain over wages and working conditions.

It got carried over last year and was passed Monday by the House of Representatives on a straight party line vote with all Republicans voting to repeal collective bargaining rights and Democrats voting to support workers rights to organize.

Any attack on the freedom to assemble and the right to join a union is troubling. Even more troubling is this attack on agricultural workers rights, who often toil under harsh working conditions with low pay. Decoster’s egg farms, which are impacted by this bill, are habitual offenders when it comes to breaking wage and hour, health and safety, and environmental laws. See a timeline of just some of the farm’s violations.

This is just one of many attacks on workers’ rights this legislative session. Keep tuned in for more information over the upcoming weeks,