Injured workers and their families spoke out at the workers comp hearing on Friday, February 17.

All afternoon, injured workers told their stories, compelling stories of what it is like to have your life turned upside down when you get injured at work.

One common theme came up again and again: the system is already too hard to navigate for workers who get hurt.  The insurance companies fight injured workers at every turn.  Why does the Legislature want to make it worse?

As Sherry Nadeau of Belgrade said,

Why would you give the insurance companies more power to abuse injured workers?

Sherry’s husband was injured at work when his boss ran over him with his truck.  They have to fight every day just to have his medical bills paid for.

Almost twenty injured workers testified before the Labor Committee against the proposed legislation, and the Legislators on the Committee were clearly moved by what they heard.

The Committee killed LD 1571 and is replacing it with a different, but still very harmful committee bill, now known as LR 2781.  LR 2781 would push the most severely injured workers off of workers compensation after just over 11 years, even if they cannot work and have nowhere to go.