We send our legislators to Augusta to work for us. So, why are they spending so much time trying to overturn the will of the voters?

On school funding, healthcare, and the minimum wage, Maine voters spoke. Several legislators, however, did not listen.

It’s time to send them a message.

Click on the links below to find out how your legislator voted on each bill and to send them a message.

School Funding: LD 390 – School Funding in the State Budget; this vote would have preserved what the voters passed.

Ranked Choice Voting: LD 1646 – Ranked choice voting;  this vote repealed and delayed the implementation of rank choice voting passed by voters

Healthcare: SP 742 – Session extension to stall healthcare; some voted against continuing the work of the legislative session thus leaving key items, such as the expansion of Mainecare passed by voters

Minimum Wage: LD 1609 – Undercutting minimum wage; this vote would have repealed the minimum wage increase passed by voters.